House as a cultural phenomenon. Why not? ARCHhouse clubhouse represents the fusion of classic and modern - the historic place, aristocratic style and the highest level of modern comfort.

Fire Safety. Security

To ensure fire safety, ARCHhouse is equipped with fire protection systems including: fire alarm systems, fire alarm and evacuation management, automatic fire extinguishing, smoke exhaust system and air supply.
Round the clock security with video surveillance in ARCHhouse, entry according to card accounts, central intercom. For guests a system of guest crossing cards is provided.

Doors. Windows

Padilla Fire Doors (Spain) – fire-resistant doors of amazingly high quality and technical perfection. Thermo windows of Queen Swig - natural wood in the interior – are an invariable attribute of home comfort we are trying to create for ourselves and ones who we love. Modern, eco-friendly technology for processing and painting allow us to make the wood more functional and durable. Combined with sound-, heat insulation, double glazing and related fittings, wooden windows in ARCHhouse would become the sample of high-quality window designs. Double glazing in mahogany with aluminum protection delays solar energy and protects against noise.


Noiselessness, eco-friendliness, as well as custom design - these are main qualities that characterize the elevators manufactured by SIGMA group LG. Total in ARCHhouse club house there are two elevators, both going down into the parking lot. Finishing of elevator halls is performed of Venetian plaster, granite and marble. Lifts from SIGMA manufacturer are characterized with high reliability - even in the case of an emergency, they will take you to the desired floor.

Counters. Lighting Protection. Snow Melting System

Multical 402 – is compact ultrasonic heat meter with high accuracy. It is used to record the actual energy consumption. Long service life of the heat meter and lack of maintenance reduce the annual cost of operation in ARCHhouse to a minimum. Multical 402 is designed to account the heat energy, cooling and combined heat/cooling energy accounting in closed water systems with temperatures ranging from 2 to 160 ° C. You will only pay for yourself!
ARCHhouse is equipped with lighting protection system.
ARCHhouse is protected from weather whims; don’t be afraid of meter icicles - the house is equipped with snowmelt.

Power Supply. Lighting of the House

In ARCHhouse the system of internal power supply is functioning. It is provided with the help of a private electrical substation with capacity of 10kW / 0.4.
Equipment from Eaton. Eaton's solutions help us to create modern, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly energy supply system and effectively provide services at any stage. Legrand is the French company. Electrical sockets, switches, systems creating a "smart home" from Legrand are known worldwide for reliability and innovative solutions. They are based on the latest scientific achievements and high standards of European quality, and that is essential for the owners of apartments in ARCHhouse.
In ARCHhouse architectural and decorative lighting of facades and territory is provided. It gives the house a unique, mysterious atmosphere.


Freedom of thought and communication in ARCHhouse - streaming video on demand, IP- telephony, satellite IP- TV, Internet. A variety of information services will create all conditions for fast and high-quality access to information you are interested in.

Heat Supply

In ARCHhouse it is warm and cozy: the house has its own heating system from the company WILO. These are modern pumps for heating systems, water supply, drainage, ventilation, air conditioning. Reliability of WILO quality lies in quality of constructions, convenience of installation and operation.
The company Danfoss is one of the largest industrial groups in Denmark. Danfoss is a global leader in design, manufacture, sale and servicing of mechanical and electronic components and solutions. The company provided ARCHhouse with radiator heat controllers and room thermostats which automatically maintain the desired temperature and humidity.

Ventilation and Conditioning System

Company Uponor is a leading provider of solutions concerning water supply and facilities for indoor climate of residential and commercial construction in Europe and North America. In ARCHhouse technology Uponor was also used. Piping connections for heating and water supply are performed individually for each apartment from these safe and reliable materials.

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