Residential complex of Premium class Archhouse offers you luxury apartments for sale in the center of Kiev. Here pulsate main transport arteries of the capital; major shopping and business centers, up-market boutiques and restaurants for every taste are in nearby.
Clubhouse Archhouse is literally surrounded with the main attractions of the city. From the windows of penthouse or VIP-apartment on the upper floors, you can admire the landscape with the Botanical Garden, St. Volodymyr Cathedral and the city's business center. With the purchase of luxury apartments in the Club house Archhouse, you get the luxury of living in the historic district of Kiev and enjoying its exquisite beauty.
The project of elite residential complex Archhouse was performed ​​in the best architectural traditions, with the use of innovative technologies. By now 40 luxury apartments with the area of ​​100 m2 have been put into operation. Residents of the club house are provided with underground parking lot, the luxurious lounge area, all inclusive lobby bar, round the clock concierge and room-service, guest parking and the playground. Want to buy apartment in Kiev center? Using the ArchHouse real estate agency Kiev search, you can quickly find the right apartment. Buy new elite apartment in Kiev now!
Archhouse clubhouse has another advantage - all tenants belonging to one social circle. Purchasing luxury apartments, you can enjoy spending your time with people who have personal and business interests similar to yours. We surround with care all our customers and guests, and present you Archhouse Privilege Cards - unique conditions and bonuses for apartment owners, exclusive interior design services, private banking, purchase jewelry and cars.
Archhouse elite flat in Kiev from the developer is one of the popular residential complexes in the very centre of Kyiv. Purchase of real estate in the capital of Ukraine is an extremely prosperous and time-tested investment object.

Botanical Garden of Alexander Fomin Academician

Only some of big cities are lucky having a botanical garden in the center, with thousands of rare plants growing, birds singing, children playing, and amorous twosomes walking around ... However, just like Rome or Berlin, Kiev is on the list of these happiest cities. Here magnolia trees are blooming in early May. After magnolia is the turn o lilacs, and so on until frost botanical garden is in blossom!
To walk around the garden, you do not need to go anywhere. All you have to do is pass through the arch! Everything is possible for you, if you live in the ARCHhouse Clubhouse

Legation Quarter

To appreciate the location of ARCHhouse, you should just look at the map and see the square formed by Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Vladimirska and Yaroslavov Val streets. This square is known in business circles as the Legation Quarter. Here are the Embassies of Italy, Germany, Poland, as well as consular offices of many European and world’s countries.

National Taras Shevchenko Opera Theatre

If you live in ARCHhouse club house, you have a fantastic opportunity to travel back in time. At some point, you can turn out in Renaissance Italy or in XX century cozy Ukrainian village. Choice of times and places is always up to you - premieres at the National Opera collect guests from all over the world! And takes you 2 Steps getting to Opera!

Leonardo Business Center

"Leonardo" is a full service business center, located in the hotel building built in early twentieth century, including the prestigious offices as well as boutiques of luxury brands. But the icing on the cake is a wellness-center. Yoga studio, swimming pool, gym, beauty salon ... Here you will have chocolate wrapping and champagne bathroom. Stay young, healthy and beautiful!!!

National Taras Shevchenko University

Another higher education – a piece of cake for you! Just take three steps from the clubhouse ARCHhouse – and you will see an amazing huge red building under the green roof. These are the main premises of the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University and one of the main Kiev points of interest. This place has a special magnetism. After meeting talented, active, happy and young people, you can’t help getting younger with them.


Innovation, speed and drive are the main components of up-to-date lifestyle. The life of a modern man is about constant movement. His world is lit by neon lights, and energetic music is playing in his headphones. Just three steps away from ARCHhouse – and business heart of the capital is pulsating with its business centers, shopping and entertainment complexes. The latest collection of Ukrainian fashion designer or world celebrity, a visit of show business star or skating with friends at the rink ... Arena, Gulliver, CUU - the choice is yours!

About the House

ARCHhouse fits well into the twists of various cultural trends around the world. It could seem that in such a busy place there’s no room for privacy – but it is only at the first glance! Despite the fact that city business and entertainment center is just one step away from the club house, this place is incredibly quiet and cozy. Here there is no noise of whizzing cars, while the air is absolutely clean and transparent.

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